Alarm flow meter (Type D)

Features that
1. The body is made of aluminum alloy, and does not need to be replaced in different use environments.
2, single hole into the oil, oil out of multiple pipes, no connection pipe, reduce leakage.
3. Easy installation, fast and convenient.


1, high viscosity lubricating oil, chemical synthetic oil can be used.

2. Simple structure, space saving, low cost and wide application range.

3. Float positioning indication, oil level detection and flow adjustment are completed once.

4, flow tube surface design calibration, easy to read, correction, adjustment convenient.

5. Large flow adjustment range and high viscosity lubricating oil can be used.

6, the individual flow pipe can be closed separately, easy maintenance.

Alarm flow gauge working principle

The flow information collected by the sensor is connected through the access device. When the oil supply of the convector is lower than the set value, the red light will flash and the alarm will send out an alarm at the same time to ensure the normal lubricating oil supply of the equipment.

The alarm controller is sensitive, high control precision, long detection distance, and can detect the situation when the oil supply is lower than the set value at any time.

Technical data:

Power supply: AC220V

Input signal: sensor signal

Output: Switch output, 250VAC, 8A

Protection level: IP 54

                                                                                                                                    Technical parameters

Technical parameters
Rated Pressure (MPa) 1.2
Plexiglass tube transmission % 100
Thermal deformation temperature 100℃
刻线三100 6000
刻线二50 4500
刻线一20 1500
Number of oils
A B C D And F G H I J K Oil inlet Outlets
2 220 219 202 104 26 48 52 20 20 50 31 M30×1.5 M24×1.5
3 152